Monday, 28 March 2016

5 Classic things to do in Scotland

Ah Scotland, land of mystery and beauty. Land of fine Scotch whisky and the Loch Ness Monster. Land of highlands and lowlands. Land of castles and of Braveheart.  Scotland is well-known and well-loved for many reason and just in case you’re after a few more, we’re sharing some of the most adored activities the country has to offer.

1.  Whisky tours

It’s no secret that the Scots make the best whisky in the world and whisky lovers travel from all over to visit our distilleries for a bit of a taste and a gander. With over 50 whisky distilleries in the Speyside region alone, you are spoilt for choice.

Most distilleries offer fantastic tours and the public are invited to learn about how this world-famous elixir is made and sample a dram or two.

2.  Salmon fishing 

Salmon fishing is the Rolls Royce of fishing in Scotland and is considered a most sophisticated sport. Scotland is the spiritual home of the 'king of fish' and each year anglers from around the world visit our banks to fly-fish for salmon which run most rivers in the country.

If fishing isn’t quite your cup of tea, you could visit these beautiful locations just to watch the salmon leap – it’s quite a sight to behold. Early autumn is the best time to view this as salmon propel themselves upstream to their breeding grounds.

3.  Game bird shooting

Scotland is famous for sporting bird shooting with pheasant, grouse and duck aplenty. It is important to follow conservation practices when going out on a ‘hunt’ and so it’s best to join a well-managed tour where your guides know the rules, as well as the best spots!

If your shooting’s a little rusty and you don’t want to scare away all the birds for the rest of your party; you can always visit a clay pigeon ground beforehand to brush up on your aim.

4.  Improve your handicap at ‘The Home of Golf’

Scotland is home to the most prestigious golf course in the world, the Old Course, St Andrews. The game's origins at St Andrews date back to the 12th century. The Old Course at St Andrews is the holy grail of tee-offs for golf enthusiasts everywhere and as it’s open to the public, you have the incredible opportunity to follow in the footsteps of legends. St Andrews also offers guided tours of the facilities and its 7 courses which allow you to learn about the rich history of the game and the fame of this esteemed location.

To make an entrance, what better way to arrive for your game on the Old Course or to start your tour at St Andrews than by VIP helicopter. If it’s good enough for Sean Connery, then you’re in good company.

5.  Golf and Sail the Scottish Coastline

There are few better ways to experience Scotland’s magnificent landscapes and rugged coastlines than on board a luxury yacht sailing on open water. A golf and sailing holiday in Scotland allows you to discover its secrets and learn about the fascinating history of the coastal regions with many hidden gems of island golf courses and stunning seafood restaurants.

You could also choose to keep it inland and explore the country’s many lochs and canals under sail.

Let us set you off on the ultimate Scottish luxury adventure

Whether you wish to combine a whisky tour and leisurely tasting of the finest malts with a round of golf on the world’s oldest and most prestigious course, or try your hand at fly fishing for the ‘king of fish’ or even bring down that most challenging of game birds, Executive Golf & Leisure will see you through.

We arrange exclusive luxury tours for you hosted by professional qualified guides or simply suggest the finest places for you to explore at your leisure. We are delighted to tailor-make a luxury personalised itinerary to suit you and your great friends.

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